Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Published in Nintendo Power!!!

So my Giant Super Nintendo Controller was published in the December 2009 issue of Nintendo Power!!! How cool is that? I have a copy of the magazine, and uploaded a few images below. It is issue #249 btw. So stop by your local gaming store or wal-mart and turn to page 95 and read of my exploits!

Here is the article...

Title of article: A Firm Grasp
Subtitle: Attack of the giant SNES Controller
Good luck trying to get a grip on this bad boy. Inspired by an Australian fellow who built a giant, working NES-controller coffee table, Super NES enthusiast and woodcrafter Matt LaBoone set out to create its upgraded counterpart. "I am a huge SNES fan," writes LaBoone in a blog post explaining the project. "It's what I was raised on, so even though the curves make it a difficult controller to shape, I decided to give it a try."
It took him the bulk of a summer and a lot of hard work to accomplish his mission, but the results are simply outstanding. Measuring a little more than 3 feet wide, this larger-than-life Super NES controller is fully wired to deliver intense retro gaming action. Though the Control Pad and buttons are designed to be a comfortable arm's length apart, it's hard to imagine playing Super Mario World without a friend lending a hand.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Surfboards and repairs

So I begun massing quite a collection of surfboards, the current total is up to 7. Many of them have requirred minor repairs and such. I really love retro surfboards, especially twin fins from 79-85 ish... maybe thats because of all my battles with the star system fins. Which btw I finally got a pair of fins that I will soon make molds of (keep checking back with the fin post). Anyways, heres some pictures of my boards.

Before repairs

After Repairs

All my boards!

(in order from left to right)
CB Challenger III shaped by Dan Ollila 5'9" tri fin with Star system fins
Rusty C-5 Shaped by Bill Johnson 5'10" 5 fin
WRV 5'11"-ish twin fin with Star system fins
C.W. Surfboards 6' single fin
Timpone 6'4" glass on tri fin
San clemente Surf co 7'6" tri fin
8' Single fin

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nintendo Game Shelf

Sorry its been a while since I posted... classes and work keep me occupied. I'm going to try and put up a few of my older projects soon, as well as the project I'm working on now for my new truck... and if it all goes well some updates to the surfboard fin post. So about a year ago I built a shelf with slots specially shaped to fit all the different nintendo cartridges, dvd cases, as well as a few other random game cartridges. I also made a chamber in the bottom with red rope light inside and put a plexiglass piece in front of it with the nintendo logo spray painted on it. I don't have any photos of the process, its pretty simple though. I still need to make wooden blocks for the N64 games so they don't slide too far back into the slots, I already made the SNES blocks.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Giant SNES table: Video and final touches

I'll keep adding any changes that I make to the project to this post. I'll also try and answer any questions that I see from other blogs/ sites. Heres 2 videos of the controller in action.


Me and my roomate

Judging from some reactions, I think alot of people missed the point of this entirely. I love woodworking, and saw this as a big challenge for my craftsmanship. I also love video games, though I'm usually too busy to play them much. I also thought this would be a cool novelty/ conversation piece. I might eventually make it into a table w/ legs, but for now I like it as a stand alone controller. Its not 4 feet wide, its 40 inches. I did this so it would be more ergonomic to play with one person. The D pad and buttons are a comfortable arms length.

So heres a few responses to comments from some of the other blogs that posted an article about the controller.

  1. "Props for the man's craftmanship, but I think he needs a job. Possibly, a wife too."
    -I have a sweet job as an intern as well as being a Senior at UCF for Engineering, and I'm 21, not lookin for a wife.
  2. "So is this that guy's bid at becoming King of the Dorks?"
    -I don't think I'm 1st in line, but "the dorks" welcome me with open arms.
  3. "He should have just spent the time building a life sized girlfriend."
    -I might be wrong, but wouldn't that be more pathetic?
  4. "Surprised no one has said "OMG THE BUTTONS ARE THE WRONG COLOUR!!" I was expecting someone who grew up playing the PAL or Japanese SNES to at least come in with that comment."
    -I've said this a few times now, but I grew up with the purple toned SNES. I like the 4 color PAL/JAP colors better, but its not near as nostalgic for me. I've lived in FL all my life, not too many people around here would recognize the other color set.
  5. "the best controller just got bigger :P"
    -I totally agree, my favorite controller as well.
  6. "SCAD Inc., which I will charitably call a garage-based novelty enlargement collective"
    - Wow, pretentious much? First off, I live in an apartment without a garage, so I work on my front porch and store the tools in my room. Also, we don't claim to be anything but a couple guys that like to build things. We thought it'd be fun to give our not-so-company a name and logo. This was a project I took on myself, but many of the other projects on here were done by all 3 of us (surf fins, sub box... which I'll put up at some point... etc). We just build the things we want that can't be found anywhere else... not "novelty enlargement". But thanks for the post and link to my blog, I appreciate the hype.
  7. "How is this the least bit pratical? How do you use a 4 foot wide controller?"
    - Its not practical... its fun. I use it just fine, watch the video.
  8. "Yeah, thats a gag for my console but it really works. But mainly I play DAoC on the big machine. " He remarked. " DAoC ? What is DAoC ? " She asked. "Ahhh, you have to see this, it is the best RvR MMORPG on the net!" He answered. "Oh!" She exclaimed. "Nevermind, I play WoW, I think the little cartoon people are sooo cute!">>> BASH <<<>>> Thud <<<<(or date killer if you are a single guy)I like dual purpose hardware."
    - What?
  9. "didnt they do a working nes controller?now this will be even harder for just 2 people to usewhos going to be hitting the l1/l2 and r1/r2 buttons"
    - Yes the NES was done, thats why I did the SNES, and again, watch the videos for playability. Oh, and there are no L2 or R2...
  10. "not when you are over compensating and have to produce something like a 4 foot snes controller to make yourself sleep better at night."
    - I sleep fine, but thanks for the concern.
  11. "someone needs to work on their jig saw skills..."
    -really? Didn't realize Bob Vila over here was judging me.
  12. "all i can say is "why?"
    - A bad question deserves a bad response. Why not.
  13. "So this is only the.. what… 1000000th giant game controller?"
    - Third to my knowledge, though theres also an atari stick, not sure if it worked.
  14. "Those springs look too weak to support enough push for the buttons.I would like to see him fabricate a giant silicone membrane :P"
    - (this was a comment on a pictureonly showing the button mount, no buttons) The springs your referring to don't support the buttons, they are the grounding side of the contact for the button. Each of the ABXY buttons are supported by 3 springs wrapped around bolts cut off and nailed into the buttons. The other buttons are different. If you're interested read the older posts.
  15. "this creation is only 15 years overdue. Do you realize snes hasnt been around since 1993!?"
    - Old systems don't disintegrate when a newer one comes out, though clearly some people don't appreciate that.

Heres just a few links, there are so many more. If you know of anymore definately post them for me!:

MAKE!!! My favorite so far.

there are so many more, google around if you're curious. Also, theres a "links to this post" section that you can see a few more.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Giant SNES table Phase IV: Wiring, Button Adjusting, Detail Painting... etc

The Controller is finally finished! It has taken me all summer to do it, mainly because of classes and the new job... which by the way also helped me build the controller.

Button Mounting and wiring. The mounting was a bit tricky getting all these clamps in while it dried... but I somehow made it work.
This one shows the clamping of one of the bumper mounts. Its hinged with a single spring/ bolt at the other end.

Soldering for the SNES controller card, actually quite easy.

I used these screw plates to connect each button so I could disconnect each seperately for potential repair/ maintanence.

I used stencils made on the computer and cut on a machine to get the lettering just right. Turns out that the SNES font is almost identical to Hattenschweller, I think thats how its spelled. Its a standard font italicized. I also made a few stencils for the skateboards I'm making (the ones that say "meret"), and the Lost logo for some potential surfboard airbrushing.

I also stenciled out the circle for the A B X Y buttons, came out pretty clean. I had originally tried a rubbery brush-on material for the start select, but it stuck too much on the sides when pressed.
You can see the contacts are just springs, and the other side of the contact are metal plates.

You can see my sharpied arm chair here.


It looks a little off here, but it actually sits straight, but it looks weird because it has to rock about the center.

Like the definition around the D-pad? I do.
The plug is normal sized, and fits in a normal size SNES.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Giant SNES table Phase III: Button Construction and painting

Its a long one guys... I'll add comments later. I still have a little ways to go, though its all wired up as well. I'll post pictures of the wiring next.