Saturday, January 24, 2009

Surfboards and repairs

So I begun massing quite a collection of surfboards, the current total is up to 7. Many of them have requirred minor repairs and such. I really love retro surfboards, especially twin fins from 79-85 ish... maybe thats because of all my battles with the star system fins. Which btw I finally got a pair of fins that I will soon make molds of (keep checking back with the fin post). Anyways, heres some pictures of my boards.

Before repairs

After Repairs

All my boards!

(in order from left to right)
CB Challenger III shaped by Dan Ollila 5'9" tri fin with Star system fins
Rusty C-5 Shaped by Bill Johnson 5'10" 5 fin
WRV 5'11"-ish twin fin with Star system fins
C.W. Surfboards 6' single fin
Timpone 6'4" glass on tri fin
San clemente Surf co 7'6" tri fin
8' Single fin


Anonymous said...

My sons and I are looking for star system fins. Are you still making, and how much for a set?
JE in Chesapeke VA

matthewmaleham said...

Hey mate, I am also after a set of those star system fins, so please email me if you know eher to get any, or if you are able to sell me some that you've made or something. My email is:
Thanks heaps mate.