Sunday, June 8, 2008

Giant SNES table Phase I: basic shape

So heres the big one, this is the most insane project to date. Inspired by the NES coffee table ( I decided to give a try at the large nintendo controller. I am a huge SNES fan, its what I was raised on, so even though the curves make it a much more difficult controller to shape, I decided to give it a try... and heres the outcome.

This is phase I: the basic controller shape, next I'll post Phase II: Sanding and bondo.

I actually CAD'ed the entire controller with the help of Andre and took it up to office max to print it up full size (I'll post a picture of the CAD drawing when I get a chance). I then traced the outline and details, then cut it out with my jigsaw.

I cut another controller shape out of yuca board in order to give the circle around the D- pad a little definition, then glued and clamped this to the mdf. I cut these curved pieces out of 3/4 mdf with my scroll saw and used wood glue to attach them so I would have a clean top to the controller with no screws. The back plate will screw on though so it can be removed for repairs and such.
Clamping the straight pieces on.
Clamping the 5th curved piece, I had to buy 12" clamps for this... the gator clamps lost their use after 2 or 3 pieces.

The last pieces glued in place
There she is, though very rough and unsanded. This was a funny looking piece of scrap from cutting out the circular outside pieces. To fit them best I made them in a spiral pattern, and this fetus creature came out of the middle.


Kyle Downes said...

Oh man, that's looking awesome as.
I think you should have cut the button circle bit out of the yuca as well though to give that definition too.
I cant wait to see what this looks like once you've sanded it down and run some gap filler over it. It's gonna look frkn awesome!

Also, you should really really paint it was the PAL version of the snes controller, rather than the American version, the PAL version looks way better with the brighter colours.

CaBBage said...

Hey man, thanks alot. I actually meant to let you know that I was building it and was inspired by yours, but I wanted to wait till I was closer to finished. I was actually debating cutting out the yuca board around the buttons, but it actually isn't any lower, it just has a groove and is collored differently. Though I might route out a groove to give the definition. I also plan on curving all the surfaces imensly and making it quite smooth. I was debating using the 4 colored buttons from the PAL controller, but the purple buttons are just so nistalgic for me personally. I'll see when I get there.

Rhi said...

Hello. I would like to know if you could make one to sell? I am very interested and was wondering if you could email me to see if this can be done? My friends and I still play and are big fans, no one in australia makes anything like this.

Rhi/22/f/Sydney, Australia